Established in 1962 in Australia, Zip Industries has become the world leader in instant boiling filtered water systems since the company introduced the world’s first instant boiling water heater in 1975. Since then, Zip has focused mainly on manufacturing and marketing Australian-designed and Australian-made instant boiling water systems now sold in more than 70 countries, where they are specified for use in kitchens in homes, hospitals, universities, schools and buildings of every kind.

If you are building a home or renovating your kitchen transform your idea of a traditional kitchen tap by checking out Zip;s range of products including the HydroTap and Zip Chillers. In a world that is becoming more and more environmentally conscious, browse through our range of Zip products for your home kitchen, office and commercial projects and treat yourself to crystal-clear, great-tasting filtered drinking water with Zip.

For further product or warranty information please feel free to contact us on 02 9824 1006 or Zip directly on 1800 947 827.

Browse Our Selection of Premium, High-Value Zip Taps Available at Powerland

Inject a sense of contemporary style into your kitchen with a Zip Tap from Powerland.

At Powerland, we proudly boast one of the most extensive ranges of Zip Taps in Australia. Here’s how you can avoid choosing the wrong taps for your home and why we’re the right supplier from which to purchase (remember: should you select the incorrect faucets, we have an excellent refund policy).

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Zip Taps

Even though we’ll oblige, we know you’d rather not have to request replacement taps due to making the wrong choice the first time. Therefore, you should keep the following mistakes in mind:

  • Choosing faucets that clash with your kitchen cabinet handles: If you want your kitchen to have a modern, uniform appearance, make sure the taps you purchase don’t clash with your door and cabinet handles.
  • Selecting a faucet that doesn’t achieve the desired purpose: At Powerland, we have Celsius arc, boiler only and ambient water taps available, so ensure you choose the one that meets your functionality requirements.

Why Powerland for Zip Taps Is Cost-Effective

Our low prices are just one factor that set us apart, but here’s how you can trust that we’re an affordable supplier of zip taps:

  • We guarantee to be the lowest priced supplier of Zip Taps in the nation: It’s as simple as that – we promise to remain the best value supplier of appliances in Australia.
  • All our products come with extended warranties: Everything we sell comes with extended manufacturer warranties as standard.

Why Trust Powerland Regarding Zip Taps

Want to know why so many people purchase home appliances such as Zip Taps from Powerland? Well, it could be our low-price guarantee, exceptional level of customer service or our ability to deliver to any location via a secure and affordable courier service. Maybe it’s because we have an almost unrivalled product selection. Order your Zip Tap today or call us to find out why so many people recommend us.