Since its launch Venini has established itself as a customer friendly, well designed and featured product at the opening price point. Venini has a strong heritage in the appliance space and a strong background in the hardware and commercial builder space. It’s focus is on having good quality, right entry (or above where possible) featured and most of all, value for money products. Venini products are sourced from world class suppliers with a supply chain that reaches throughout Asia and into Europe, built on relationships that are well founded.

We build reliable, good quality, customer friendly and easy to use features into our product. We ensure the best features we can are available to our customer. We place reliability, safety and great customer service at the centre of our company mission and our customers can rest assured of the quality and thought that we build into each Venini appliance. We have an outstanding track record of great features and value for money, delivered by a team that you can trust.

Venini – Looks Good, Cooks Good

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