Established in 1969 in Korea, Samsung entered the electronics market producing its first television sets and quickly became a major manufacturer in the Korean market. From Samsung’s beginnings as a small trading company, the brand has evolved into a world-class corporation with continual discoveries, inventions and breakthrough products. Samsung is now perfectly positioned as a global information technology leader, managing more than 200 subsidiaries world-wide.

Samsung’s commitment to being the world’s best has won them the number one global market share for 13 of the brand’s products, including semiconductors, TFT-LCDs, monitors and CDMA mobile phones. Looking forward, Samsung are posed to continue to make historic advances in research and development of the overall semiconductor line, including flash memory and non-memory, custom semiconductors, DRAM and SRAM, as well as producing best-in-class LCDs, mobile phones, digital appliances and more.

By browsing through the Samsung product range, be a part of the Samsung vision and discover a whole new experience of products that enhance convenience and foster smarter lifestyles for consumers.

For further product or warranty information please feel free to contact us on 02 9824 1006 or Samsung directly on 1300 362 603.

Powerland is here to assist you with selecting and purchasing any of the appliances we carry from Samsung. Can't find what you're looking for? Simply contact our Online Powerland Customer Care Team and we'll try our best to meet your Samsung needs, because at Powerland.. We'll Do It! 

How Powerland Can Get You A Great Deal on Your Samsung Microwave

Keep your kitchen modern and sleek with a Samsung Microwave.

Samsung as a brand has built a reputation of being technologically innovative and durable, and the same can be said for their Microwaves. Buying a Samsung microwave gives you the peace of mind that it will last while gracing your kitchen with its modern, smooth style.

What You Can Expect from Powerland When You Want a Samsung Microwave

You have a lot to gain by using Powerland as your Samsung Microwave supplier.

  • Powerland provides high-quality and brand-new products and appliances. You can expect to receive high-quality Samsung appliances at an excellent price.
  • At Powerland, we give you a full warranty with your brand-new appliances. This will give you peace of mind when purchasing your Samsung Microwave.

Expect to be wowed with Samsung.

What Sets Powerland Apart When it Comes to Providing a Samsung Microwave

We are prominent in the appliance industry.

  • At Powerland, we have a very easy to use website where you can buy appliances online. You can select a Samsung microwave from among the brands we have from the comfort of your own home.
  • We can courier deliver your Samsung Microwave anywhere in Australia, and our delivery is fast and secure.

Don’t miss out on a great deal for a Samsung microwave.

Why Powerland Saves You Money

We provide high quality products at excellent prices, allowing you to browse through them from your favourite couch. We have over 20 years of experience and are professionals in the industry.

Contact us today about purchasing your Samsung microwave.

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