Discover why Puretec is the No 1 brand in connected water filters in Australia and New Zealand, renowned for premium quality products with amazing backup and water treatment advice.

With more than 30 years in the water filtration industry, Puretec remains a family-owned, family-run company with an unrivalled reputation for quality, innovation and reliability. Puretec manufactures innovative solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for all your water filtration needs.

Puretec is driven by our vision & mission to manufacture an extensive range of high quality, innovative water purification products. With the many opportunities for contamination of water in the catchment areas and pipelines, there is a constant risk of drinking water supplies being compromised. Puretec is passionate about health & wellness and goes the extra mile to ensure the right solution and advice are available so that our customers are provided with pure, safe and great-tasting water.

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