Established in 1918 in Japan, Panasonic Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 1989 and has since become a market leader in the field of consumer electronics and B2B (business-to-business) solutions, backed by the reliability and reputation of the brand and its products.

Based on Panasonic’s innovative electronics technology, going forward Panasonic’s key focus is to provide a wide variety of products, systems, and services, ranging from consumer electronics products to industrial devices, building products, and housing. The Panasonic Appliances sector is committed to developing environmentally leading products that meet new customer needs in the areas of homemaking, cooking, air conditioning, water heating, beauty and health.

Browse through the Panasonic range of appliances and electrical equipment and bring Panasonic’s innovative lifestyle solutions into your home of office.

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Panasonic Air Conditioners Provide More than Cooler Air

nanoe-G technology in Panasonic air conditioners provides cleaner air.

Panasonic air conditioners offer so many benefits when it comes to air conditioning your home. Reliability and durability combined with energy savings and clean air are packaged in a sleek design. Powerland offers several models for Australian homes.

Problems Panasonic Air Conditioners and Powerland Solve

Panasonic has 60 years’ experience to provide reliable air conditioners to consumers.

  • Extensive testing ensures that we deliver a quality product to consumers including noise testing to provide minimum interference in daily activities.
  • On-demand fast cooling provides personal cooling after strenuous activity, and shower cooling directs cooled air upwards to rain down and cool the entire room.
  • nanoe-G technology clears the air of bacteria and viruses as well as dust particles.
  • A user friendly remote that controls temperature throughout the day and night is included as well.

All the above is packaged in a sleek, energy-efficient design.

Related Services we Provide for Panasonic Air Conditioners

Powerland carries several models of Panasonic air conditioners.

  • Different models covering various room sizes.
  • Competitive pricing to fit your budget.
  • Delivery available across Australia.

Why Customers Should Buy from Powerland

We have been selling high quality kitchen appliances online and in store for over 20 years. Our experience provides our customers with the latest technologies in home appliances passing on savings and quality to our customers.

Providing cool, clean air in your home is easy with Panasonic air conditioners. Contact our customer care team for assistance in choosing the correct model for your home.