Founded in 1956 Lemair is a longstanding Australian brand which has been successfully supplying quality, relevant products to Australians at a cost effective price point for the last 61 years.
Today Lemair functions mainly as a small appliance business with a focus on refrigeration, washing machines and wine cabinets.
The Lemair range of mini washers is popular with camping and caravan enthusiasts as well as anyone who needs a small efficient washing machine. The Lemair mini washers get bundled into cars, trailers and caravans camping around Australia and have an enthusiastic following.Our front loader is proving to be extremely popular and efficient in its category. Our twin tub washer is one of the best selling across the country.
The refrigeration range consists of a range of chest freezers, bar refrigerators as well as a pigeon pair of upright fridge and freezer.
Lemair is owned by the successful Home Appliance Group. You can buy with confidence with the backing, distribution and service network of a large company. Home Appliances is proudly 100% Australian owned and is happy to have Lemair  in its range of products.