Established in 1995 in Australia, Euromaid has become a trusted name in the Australian domestic appliance industry, now the third largest supplier of kitchen appliances in Australia and the second largest supplier of free standing cookers.

Euromaid are passionate about supplying quality cooking appliances to Australians at prices they can afford, achieved through keeping standards and quality high, with Euromaid’s extensive range of ovens, cooktops, rangehoods and dishwashers manufactured at the forefront of European design.

Euromaid makes the choice of a cooking package easy with reliable performance and affordable European style. Browse through Euromaid’s comprehensive range of appliances, each manufactured with the latest functions and features to perform to the highest of standards and to enhance your cooking experience.

For further product or warranty information please feel free to contact us on 02 9824 1006 or Euromaid directly on 1800 444 357

Buy a Euromaid Oven or Other Euromaid Appliances Online from Powerland

Are you shopping for a Euromaid oven, or any other Euromaid appliance?

At Powerland, we are proud to carry an array of Euromaid appliances online through our website. Ever since Euromaid was established in 1995, the brand has been one of Australia’s most dependable providers of domestic kitchen and laundry appliances. Today, Euromaid is known for crafting high quality appliances, using the best materials, innovating aesthetically pleasing designs and doing all the above while keeping prices affordable.

Tips Regarding Euromaid Appliances

If you’re shopping for a new Euromaid dishwasher or stovetop from Powerland, keep these tips in mind to make your shopping process a bit easier:

  • Have a good idea of what you are looking for: The Euromaid selection we stock at Powerland is extensive. Especially if you are shopping for a Euromaid oven, you’ll have plenty of options from which to choose. Knowing generally what you are looking for will help narrow your search. For instance, when looking for an oven, know whether you would prefer a gas or electric option.
  • Establish your budget: Euromaid has a good reputation for its fair prices, and at Powerland we will strive to give you additional discounts on most products. However, it’s still smart to set a budget before you start shopping. Prices for a Euromaid rangehood or oven can vary significantly, so having a price range in mind or a maximum dollar amount you can spend will also help narrow your selection.
  • Read the specifications: Our product listings on the Powerland site are detailed, including comprehensive lists of features and specs for each product. Make sure to review these details thoroughly before you buy. The last thing you want is to buy a dishwasher or oven that won’t fit in the space you have for that appliance in your kitchen. The specs list also includes warranty information, which you will want to figure into your buying considerations.

Related Services We Provide to Euromaid Ovens, Dishwashers, Rangehoods and Other Appliances

In addition to connecting you with some of Euromaid’s finest products, Powerland does a few other things to make your life easier. Here are a few services we provide related to Euromaid appliances:

  • Australia-wide delivery: Powerland can deliver any appliance available on our online store to any address in Australia. With us, it’s easy to get what you need in the most convenient way possible.

  • Quality assurance: We inspect every product before it goes out the door, to make sure that it is undamaged and not faulty. Every product we sell is brand new and backed by the manufacturer’s full warranty. Every product we ship is also backed with insurance, to guarantee that our customers receive precisely what they ordered, in the condition they expected.

  • Showroom access: Do you want to see a product in person before you buy? Visit our showroom in Warwick Farm, NSW to explore our selection of Euromaid products and other appliances in more detail.

Of course, if you need help choosing the right Euromaid rangehood or discerning between two models of Euromaid dishwashers, we can help. Feel free to contact Powerland at any time.