Chromagen 170L Heat Pump Hot Water Unit Midea HP170 - Includes STCs

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Harvest the free heat from the air with an advanced air-source heat pump from Chromagen. This renewable energy water heating technology, will reduce home energy costs whilst providing a plentiful supply of hot water day and night, and in all weather conditions. With that in mind, in a moderate climate the HP 170 can service homes with up to 4 people and so is ideal for small to medium-sized homes, apartments, retirement villages and modular accommodation facilities. Heat pumps produce significantly more heat energy than the power input, making them highly efficient water heaters.

Modern & Stylish Design

A stylish slimline single piece unit incorporates a top-mounted compressor with compact footprint to complement contemporary home design.

Highly Efficient

Highly Efficient Produces significantly more heat energy than the power input; saving on purchased energy and generating generous rebates.

Large Operating Range

Utilising this smart technology the heat pump mode will operate with air temps as low as 5°C, whilst other modes can operate in ambient temps between -20°C & up to 45°C.

Tank-Wrapped Condenser Coil

The tank-wrapped condenser coil applies efficient heat transfer to the water storage cylinder whilst preventing water contamination.

Low Operating Noise

Operating at a very low 48 dBA will keep your neighbours happy and you will hardly know it’s there!

User Friendly Controller

Provides intuitive operation and helpful functions such as temperature monitor, ON/OFF timer and safety lock.

Built in Frost Protection

Built in frost protection mode protects the condenser from icing.

Smart Technology

With a Midea heat pump, set up and operation monitoring is made simple thanks to an amazing, user-friendly touch pad interface and clear Liquid Crystal Display.

Operational modes

ECO (Heat Pump Only) mode: is the standard mode where the highest efficiency is achieved

Hybrid Mode: In Hybrid mode the heat pump & E-heater will operate together to ensure the set temperature is achieved

E-Heater: When the air temperature drops to below 5°C, the heat pump will automatically select E-heater mode for an electric hot water boost

How it works

  1. A fan draws in air, containing heat energy, across the evaporator
  2. The evaporator turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas
  3. The compressor pressurises the refrigerant into a hot gas
  4. The hot gas inside the condenser coil heats the water inside the coil-wrapped tank
  5. The refrigerant reverts back to a liquid after heating the water and continues to the evaporator for the process to start again

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

The highly energy efficient Midea hot water heat pump qualifies to generate Small-scale Technology Certificates under the Federal Government RET scheme and so Australian consumers can use these to reduce the point of sale price of their heat pump when replacing an existing hot water system.

Did you know?

A heat pump is like an energy multiplier. From 1 kW of power input, it can create over 4 kW of output heat1. That’s a performance efficiency of a remarkable 400%. Where as conventional electric storage water heaters can only convert 1 kW of input power into 1 kW of output heat.

Set shipping price is based on Direct Delivery from our storage warehouses and covers most of Australia. If you do not qualify we may be required to charge you an extra delivery fee after purchase which we will advise you before so. Please feel free to contact us to find out if you qualify.

Additional Information

Brand Midea

✓ Smart Technology
✓ Highly Efficient
✓ Low Operating Noise
✓ Built in Frost Protection
✓ User friendly controller with LCD display
✓ Eco, Hybrid & E-heater modes
✓ Ultra efficient operation reduces energy consumption by at least 65%

Height (mm) 1580mm
Width (mm) 568mm
Depth (mm) 568mm
Type Heat Pump
Installation Indoor & Sheltered Outdoor
Fuel Electric
Model Number HP170/RSJ-15/190RDN3-C
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labour. 5 Years Tank. 2 Years Electronics (5 VIC)
More Specs Product Specifications
  • Voltage/Hz/Phase: 220-240/50/1
  • Element input power (W): 2150
  • Max water temperature (°C): 65
  • Rated input power (W) / current (A): 2780 / 12.1
  • Relief valve pressure (kPa): 1000
  • Noise level (dBA): 48
  • Pipe connection diam (mm): 20
  • Cylinder Type: Vitreous Enamel
  • Outdoor resistance class: IP24
  • Height to water inlet (mm): 655
  • Height to water outlet (mm): 949
  • Suitable for: 3-4 Persons
  • Heat up time: 5h:43m
  • Recovery Rate: 30L/hr
  • Refrigerant type/quantity: R134a / 0.8kg
  • Warranty: 5 year tank warranty, 3 years warranty on the compressor and electronics, 1 year on all parts and labour.

  • Ambient Temp
  • Economy: 5 ~ 43 °C
  • Hybrid: -20 ~ 43°C
  • E-heater: -20 ~ 43°C

  • Rated Input Power (W) / Current (A)
  • Economy: 780 / 3.4
  • Hybrid: 2780 / 12.1
  • E-Heater: 2150 / 9.3

  • Hot Water Heating Capacity
  • Economy: 1500W
  • Hybrid: 1500W
  • E-Heater: 2150W
  • Tank Capacity 170L

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