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Choose Powerland for Your BEKO Dishwasher, Oven and Cooktop

We’re the nation’s best-value supplier of BEKO ovens, dishwashers and cooktops. BEKO is a manufacturer of kitchen appliances with a global presence and excellent reputation. Established in 1955, BEKO focuses on building ovens and cooktops with the consumer in mind, which means low energy usage and ease of use are top priorities. At Powerland, we sell a broad range of more.

Looking for a Blanco Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven or Rangehood? You’ll Find Them at Powerland

We have a broad selection of Blanco microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and rangehoods. Germany is a nation famous for its manufacturing abilities, and Blanco was established there back in 1925. Its reputation for technological innovation, impeccable design and quality craftsmanship have helped secure its position as a world-leading manufacturer of quality kitchen appliances such as more.

Look No Further than Powerland for Your Next Bosch Dishwasher, Rangehood, Microwave, Oven or Cooktop

Revamp your kitchen with a Bosch rangehood, oven, cooktop, dishwasher and microwave. Bosch is a household name for good reason. This German manufacturer opened the doors to its business in 1967, and you’ll find its products – which range from vehicle components to kitchen appliances – across the globe. At Powerland, we’re proud to be one of Australia’s leading suppliers of more.

Buy a Euromaid Oven or Other Euromaid Appliances Online from Powerland

Are you shopping for a Euromaid oven, or any other Euromaid appliance? At Powerland, we are proud to carry an array of Euromaid appliances online through our website. Ever since Euromaid was established in 1995, the brand has been one of Australia’s most dependable providers of domestic kitchen and laundry appliances. Today, Euromaid is known for crafting high more.

Find the Best LG Microwave, Dishwasher, Vacuum or Smart TV at Powerland

Get the best LG microwave or dishwasher by shopping with Powerland. At Powerland, we are proud to offer products and appliances from LG Electronics Australia. LG Electronics Australia is a Sydney-based subsidiary of the broader LG Electronics brand, which is known globally for everything from TVs to smartphones to kitchen appliances. Whether you are more.

Powerland: Your Source for a New Omega Dishwasher or Other Omega Kitchen Appliances

Are you shopping for a new Omega dishwasher or oven for your kitchen? At Powerland, we are proud to be your source for Omega kitchen appliances in Australia. Since 1981, Omega has been one of the biggest names in Australian kitchen equipment. Known for aesthetically beautiful design and innovative features, Omega is understandably a go-to brand for homeowners more.

Reduce Your Running Costs with an Energy-Efficient Rinnai Hot Water System, Heater and Air Conditioner

A Rinnai hot water system can minimise your energy usage and utility bills. Rinnai Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of world-leading energy-efficient tankless water systems, heaters, air conditioners and much more. Established in 1920, Rinnai now operates across the globe thanks to its reputation for technological innovation, and we proudly sell an extensive more.

A Smeg Cooktop, Rangehood, Oven, Dishwasher or Microwaves Offers Great Value

Smeg appliances dress up kitchens with Italian style and practicality. An Italian designed and manufactured Smeg Cooktop, and other kitchen appliances make a bold statement while providing efficient function. With over 60 years of cutting edge design and technology behind them, a Smeg cooktop, rangehood, oven, dishwasher, or microwave brings more.

Get the Most out of Your Westinghouse Cooktop and other Westinghouse Appliances

Get your money’s worth from your Westinghouse cooktop. It’s convenient to use a cooktop in your kitchen to create meals for you and your family. It’s important to remember a few key things about cooktops and how to make the most of your Westinghouse cooktop in your kitchen. You can see a range of appliances like these on Powerland’s more.

Billi Tap - Varied Temperature and Filtered Water Dispenser

Get water dispensed the way you like with a Billi tap. The luxury of having boiling, chilled or sparkling water on demand in your home is accessible with a levered dispenser Billi tap. This unique three in one design dispenses water from a single tap, and our various colour selections enable you to match it to your decor. more.

Make Kitchen Life Easier with a Built-in Dishwasher

Forego washing dishes by hand with a built-in dishwasher. A built-in dishwasher provides the convenience of automation and ease of use. You can clean your dishes while relaxing or going about another task. At Powerland, we have a range of built in dishwashers from retro style to modern and sleek designs. more.

Make the Most of Your New Built-In Electric Oven

Get cooking the way that gets you the most from your built in electric oven. Whether it’s just cooking for one or a family of eight, your built-in electric oven should be a reliable part of your kitchen. At Powerland, you can buy electric ovens in one of many different styles, brands, colours and sizes to complement every home and lifestyle. It’s important to know how to get more.

Get Excited About Your New Chef Oven and Rangehood

Get a great deal on a Chef oven today. We are proud to present Chef appliances at Powerland. Chef offers you a range of easy to use appliances to take the hard work out of cooking, leaving you to enjoy the creative cooking process and making your family happy with home-cooked meals. more.

Water Saving Benefits of a Dishlex Dishwasher

Climate change demands concessions, and a Dishlex Dishwasher steps up. Cleansing our dishes and glasses shouldn’t require gallons of water. Dishlex dishwashers provide multiple water saving options that reduce water consumption and use less energy. Powerland carries more.

Dux Instantaneous Hot Water System Means no more Waiting for Hot Water

You get hot water on demand with a Dux Instantaneous Hot Water System. The days of waiting for the hot water are over. Dux instantaneous hot water system supplies hot water when you turn on the tap - any indoor tap. Powerland carries a broad selection of Dux hot water systems to accommodate any family size. more.

Purchase Your Energy-Efficient Electric Hot Water Tank from Powerland

Enjoy home comfort and hot showers without disruption with an electric hot water tank. At Powerland, we supply all states in Australia with hot water tanks from the leading manufacturers. For optimum energy-efficiency, reliable solutions and low prices, choose Powerland. more.

Boost Your Kitchen’s Practicality with a New Euro Oven from Powerland

Your Euro oven is your kitchen’s hub – is now the time to upgrade? If using your old and inefficient oven is both a pain and wasteful considering energy usage, you might want to invest in a new one. Look forward to irresistible roasting, brilliant baking and gorgeous grilling with a euro oven from Powerland. more.

Stay Warm and Cosy Any Place in the House with an Everdure Heater

An Everdure Heater is an effective choice for winter warmth. Radiant heating is a reliable option for home heating, thanks to their fuel source, which is typically natural gas or liquefied propane. By using these clean-burning fuels for combustion, you can enjoy a cost-effective heat source without the need for a complete furnace installation. more.

Add Convenience to Your Kitchen with a Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher

A Fisher & Paykel dishwasher is perfect for saving time after cooking. Dishes are always an issue when you love to cook at home. With the trusted reliability of a brand such as Fisher & Paykel, you can take the drudgery out of cleaning and focus on enjoying the art of cooking. more.

Using a Freestanding Dishwasher to Transform Your Kitchen

How much more time will you have with a freestanding dishwasher? When your kitchen doesn't have space for an integrated unit, a freestanding choice offers just as much utility. At Powerland, we provide easy access to these appliances online so you can start enjoying the convenience of a dishwasher no matter your available space. more.

Tap Into the Best of Both Worlds with Dual Fuel Ovens Using Freestanding Designs

When considering dual fuel ovens, a freestanding design can be ideal. Ideal for outfitting kitchens with the quality tools you need to cook, these units offer the advantages of both gas and electricity. Cooking with a gas flame on the stove provides benefits such as finer heat control while the safety and convenience of an electric oven round out a complete package. more.

Get Ready to Bake! Purchase a Freestanding Electric Oven to Suit Your Kitchen

The right freestanding electric oven gives you many culinary options. From cooking up a meal on the stove top to filling the house with the wonderful smells of baking, a reliable oven is an essential tool. How should you go about finding a new unit for your home? more.

Using a Fully Integrated Dishwasher to Create a Unified Kitchen Aesthetic

A fully integrated dishwasher is an excellent choice for minimalism. With the ability to attach a custom-made front panel, your dishwasher can disappear into the clean lines of a well-designed kitchen. Choosing the right unit allows you to not only take advantage of this feature but also to enjoy other benefits. more.

Purchase Your Fully Integrated Dishwasher at Powerland

Are you in the market for a fully integrated dishwasher for your home? Discover the quality selection of dishwashers available at Powerland. Our company is proud to supply top dishwasher brands to make your life a little easier. more.

Top-of-the-Line Gas Cooktops Now Available at Powerland

Gas cooktops are a great appliance for your home. Using a gas cooktop is one of the most tried-and-true traditional ways to cook your meals. Powerland carries a wide selection of choices for this kitchen staple to suit your family’s needs. more.

Call Powerland for Your Gas Heater Needs

Do you need a gas heater for your home? Look to the incredible selection at Powerland. We offer a variety of gas heaters that are perfect for a home of any size, all at affordable prices. more.

Call Powerland for Your Haier Air Conditioner

Are you interested in buying a Haier air conditioner? We understand the vital role an air conditioner plays for you in the middle of the summer. With 20 years of experience as a trusted provider of quality air conditioners, Powerland stocks a wide variety of units so you can find the perfect Haier for you. more.

Purchase a Heat Pump Hot Water Tank Online from Powerland

Purchase a new heat pump hot water tank from your computer. If you need a heat pump hot water tank but don't have the time to leave your home or work, why not get one through Powerland Electronics? At Powerland, we offer a wide selection of appliances online to suit any home. more.

Order an Induction Cooktop for Your Kitchen and Have it Delivered from Powerland

Buy your induction cooktop through Powerland and have it delivered. If you are looking for a reliable and friendly appliance retailer that delivers, Powerland is the answer you may need. Our selection of appliances ranges from Bosch to Smeg, and all our brand-new products come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. more.

Buy a Lemair Bar Fridge for Your Home Bar Today

Purchase a Lemair bar fridge that matches your home’s bar style. When you buy a Lemair bar fridge, it is important to know what you’re going to do with it. At Powerland, we offer a selection of bar fridges to choose from for those who wish to invest in a new bar fridge for their home bar. more.

Get a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner to Combat Those Hot Days

Buying a Mitsubishi air conditioner can help you survive those hot summer days. If your home becomes hot and stuffy, it may be time to get a Mitsubishi air conditioner. A well-placed air conditioner can make your house more liveable during those scorching days. more.

Quality Mixer Taps Made in Australia are Just a Click Away

Quality overrides cost when it comes to mixer taps and its longevity. Investing in high quality products ensures fewer problems with the mechanics and ease of operation. Powerland carries Australian made mixer taps predominately and delivers them across the country. Competitive pricing offers our customers the option of choosing a quality appliance that will last for years. more.

Oliveri Sinks are Australian Manufactured for Quality

An Oliveri sink brings durable practicality to any cook’s kitchen. Quality and experience stand behind the Oliveri name when it comes to kitchens and how they function. From single and double bowl to inset sinks with drainers Oliveri has an option for every kitchen. Powerland carries a vast selection of sinks and delivers countrywide. more.

Panasonic Air Conditioners Provide More than Cooler Air

nanoe-G technology in Panasonic air conditioners provides cleaner air. Panasonic air conditioners offer so many benefits when it comes to air conditioning your home. Reliability and durability combined with energy savings and clean air are packaged in a sleek design. Powerland offers several models for Australian homes. more.

Rheem Hot Water Systems Provide Hot Water on Demand

Rheem hot water systems offer Australians access to hot water fast. Waiting for hot water is a thing of the past with a quality heating method. Continuous hot water flows through the system ensuring that every tap has access to hot water on demand. Powerland offers several models for Australian households. more.

How Powerland Can Get You A Great Deal on Your Samsung Microwave

Keep your kitchen modern and sleek with a Samsung Microwave. Samsung as a brand has built a reputation of being technologically innovative and durable, and the same can be said for their Microwaves. Buying a Samsung microwave gives you the peace of mind that it will last while gracing your kitchen with its modern, smooth style. more.

Tips and Information About Schweigen Rangehoods

Rangehoods are an essential part of your kitchen because you rely on it to take care of unwanted fumes. It is important to know how to make the most of your Schweigen rangehood. more.

What to Remember When You Buy a Semi Integrated Dishwasher

Powerland is your solution if you’re looking for a semi-integrated dishwasher A semi Integrated dishwasher, also referred to as a “drawer line” dishwasher is often installed between your existing kitchen units underneath your countertop. Because these appliances have a more.

Tips and Concerns Around Purchasing and Owning a Sharp Microwave

It’s important to know how to get the most out of your Sharp microwave. Everyone is familiar with how roomy and sleek a Sharp microwave can be, which is why you should be interested in hearing about tips to make the most out of your Sharp microwave. It’s also more.

Buy Your Speed Queen Washer Dryer from Powerland

Wash and dry your clothes with one appliance: the Speed Queen Washer Dryer. With the ability to accommodate loads of up to 10kg, the Speed Queen Washer Dryer will never let you down or fail to keep your clothes fresh. Built to last at least 25 years with features such as commercial-grade shock absorbers and a heavy-duty variable induction drive system, this washer more.

Boost Your Home Entertainment with a TCL TV from Powerland

You won’t fail to unwind after a stressful day while viewing your smart TCL TV. Our smart TCL TVs feature HDR premium picture quality, a full-colour gamut, internet connectivity and pre-installed Freeview, making them the perfect living room additions. Order yours now from Powerland, Australia’s most cost-effective provider of home appliances and electronics. more.

Browse Our Selection of Premium, High-Value Zip Taps Available at Powerland

Inject a sense of contemporary style into your kitchen with a Zip Tap from Powerland. At Powerland, we proudly boast one of the most extensive ranges of Zip Taps in Australia. Here’s how you can avoid choosing the wrong taps for your home and why we’re the right supplier from which to purchase (remember: should you select the incorrect faucets, we have an excellent refund policy). more.